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Yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve reached out to all of you. I left off blogging in December about the “Beyond Lyme & Other Chronic Illnesses” conference hosted by Dr. Richard Horowitz and held at the renowned Kripalu center in Lenox MA, beginning with “Kripalu: Closing in on the 8%” and “Kripalu: Casting a Wider Net.” Since then, I’ve been busy with urgent kare, kolonoscopys, and even Keeping up with the Kardashians from my kouch as I recovered from a bit of a setback, possibly a kase of lyme and ko-infection komplications. As you can tell, I’ve missed unleashing some kreativity.

But I’m back…with “Kripalu: Circle of Song & Synchronicity”.

After the end of our second day of research, treatments and case studies presented by Dr. Horowitz–and more than 6 hrs of intensive discussions and note taking–our hearts and minds were heavy and fatigued. But somehow, despite it all, the adoring face of Dr. Horowitz shone bright. And that of his wife Lee as well. How did they emit such light? Such energy? Such spirituality? How was their a lightness to their spirit despite the weight of their world ? We would soon find out.

We were invited to return after dinner for an evening of song. I could barely breathe after gorging on the gluten free buffet. But I fought the quinoa coma and found my way to the meeting hall again. We sat in a circle,  huddled together like faithful scouts. Some in chairs, some stretched out on the floor. The same room we had been in all day had somehow transformed with the moonlight…and with the energy of the man with the guitar. He was the glue holding the circle together, the strongest link in the chain–Dr.Horowitz.

How could this brilliant being be speaking of triple persister antibiotic protocols in one minute, and his experience studying with the Tibetan Masters the next? I was moved by his stories of enlightenment and spiritual study. And I could feel the energy of himself and his Kempo masters–and the Kempo masters before them, and before them yet again. I pictured the glowing fireballs of their hearts and bodies, the embers of centuries of spirituality and meditation warming the room and ourselves.

And then, we were warmed with song and the soothing voices of Dr. Horowitz and his wife Lee. This Land is Your Land. Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Turn, Turn, Turn. “When the sun came shining and I was strolling. And the wheat fields waving and the dust clouds rolling. As the fog was lifting. A voice as chanting. This land was made for you and me”…”The colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky. Are also on the faces of people passing by. I see friends shaking hands, saying how do you do? They’re really saying I love you”…”To everything turn, turn, turn. There is a season turn, turn, turn. And a time for every purpose under heaven”…

We were warm, content, relaxed and moved. People began sharing stories. Then Dr. Horowitz asked me to share one of mine, one I had shared with him a few months earlier. We had been having dinner, discussing business. When suddenly he asked me if I had ever played Synchronicity. No, I said naively, I hadn’t…thinking it was a board or card game. But then I realized he didn’t mean that at all. He meant had  I ever played with synchronicity. Like throwing a question to the universe and waiting to see what happens. In fact I had, I told him. At one time, I was struggling to write my book. I remember looking upwards to the sky in desperation begging to know if I should write it. Months later, on my way for a coffee stop, a car cut in front of me. With the license plate WRITEIT. And so I did. I wrote it.

Because of our discussion, I was inpsired to “play synchronicity” again. He told me to put another question to the universe and wait patiently for the signs around me. So I did. And in the same rotary that I must take for my daily coffee stop, it happened again. A car with a license plate in front of me caught my attention. This time, it read YRULOST. I took that to mean that I needn’t be troubled by what had been troubling me. I wasn’t lost after all. Dr. Horowitz had delighted in this when I had told him of it, and now all my fellow “scouts” reveled.

Gasps and applause from the circle brought me back to the moment. The night had already felt so synchronous with songs and spiritual awakenings and now sharing my stories of “the synchronicity game”only heightened my sense that I was connected to the universe and at that very moment, to no place stronger than that circle. We were all feeling a sense of connection. Which would be sealed for all of us in the closing gestures of Dr. Horowitz and Lee…

….A Tibetan blessing. One by one, as she made her way around the circle, Lee placed both hands gently atop our heads as they chanted softly, and blessed us. Each and every one.

What we experienced that night, as lyme patients and advocates, was the best form of medicine and healing that any of us could have ever asked for: Unconditional love and acceptance, and unselfish giving. That is the true healing power of Dr. Horowitz. He healed a part of all of us that night with his gifts. Not the gift of triple persister protocols. But the gift of  his spirituality  and essence, allowing us to find inner peace and to let go of our fears, admist songs, stories and blessings. At least for a little while. As we sat in our synchronous circle. It would be the single most powerful experience at Kripalu, and the year, that I would have.







Katie Courage

Here’s the follow up to the Katie Courage, er, uh, Katie Couric show that just began covering the topic of chronic lyme. There is hope they will continue to do so based on all the comments and buzz and stories that keep rolling in (way to bite back lymies). Below is a link for Katie’s Follow Up Friday video as well as a link to the Q&A with Dr. Horowitz and Dr. Halperin.

For the video, click here:


For the Q&A, click here:


Let’s all continue to follow the developments through Katie Courage, er, uh, Couric, it seems like the show may continue to ask for our stories…share them!! 

Don’t whisper…scream from the mountaintops!! 🙂




She’s done it yet again. She’s inspired me to draw on powerful analogies to describe her epic fight against lyme disease. First, I described her as Aslan the Lion in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe from July 2012. Then, as Snow White in This Is Your Year, Snow White in January 2013. And now, how can I resist but to draw analogies from the Harry Potter series when on October 9th her chronic lyme story was aired…in an episode of the Katie Couric show called “Lyme, Disease, Daniel Radcliffe”. I mean, that’s almost too easy. But, no. No. It is not an analogy featuring Kelly as the brilliantly resilient Harry Potter and Lyme as the evil Voldemort, the darkest of dark wizards.  No….it’s not that. Come on. Hop on the Hogwarts Express with me. Let me tell you Kelly’s lyme disease story in my eyes. And it will soon become painfully clear why she shares the spirit of Hermione.

Like Hermione, she was born to “muggles”. Wonderful, salt of the earth “ordinary” hard-working, loving folk who supported her unconditionally. In time, she discovered she was a “witch” with special powers. In Kelly’s case, a kindred, god-loving, sweet spirit with the ability to spread light into the lives of others, including her family, friends and students. Hermione was sent to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to utilize her gift, , while Kelly used hers as a wife, mom and teacher.

At Hogwarts, Hermione was “sorted” into Gryffindor, one of four groups the students were assigned to. Those belonging to Gryffindor were identified as being brave, courageous, determined, unintimidated and fearless. Kelly, you are most qualified for Gryffindor. You too are a Gryffindor girl, for these traits. Ironic isn’t it that the emblem for Gryffindor is a lion. Wouldn’t be the first time I compared you to a lion, now would it, Aslan? Thing is, Hermione did have one weakness. Flying. Now Kell. It’s been a while since you’ve been able to drive. For now, I would say that like Hermione you are not a good Quidditch candidate nor should you attempt the Nimbus 2000 anytime soon. But don’t you worry, soon you WILL win that world cup in the game of lyme and you’ll be able to do all the flying and driving your heart desires 🙂 And do you know how hard it is for me to spell Gryffindor so many consecutive times with my lyme brain and lyme fingers?!

Then Kelly’s life turned into a chapter from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  In this second book in the series, a vicious, frightful,  dragon-like, snake-like ancient monster is released and begins to attack students in the halls of Hogwarts. Hermione is caught in it’s grotesque and powerful stare, petrifying her. Petrifying her. In a rock-like state. Like Kelly being stared down…and petrified…by the unsightly beast, Borrelia.  Starting first with her arms. Then weeks later, full body, stone cold…paralysis. Petrified? More like petrified. And how did Kelly overcome? Much like Hermione did. With the magic and compassion of her caretakers.  Image

Hermione, that heroine. She was the driving force behind the Dumbledore Army, a secret study group for the Defense against Dark Acts. She fought with her comrades including Harry, Ron, and her teachers,  in a series of battles including the Battle of Hogwarts that brought an end to the evil Voldemort in a fierce and ghastly struggle for all time. Like you Kelly. Leading with bravery our “secret society” Lyme With the Wind (or is it Gone With the Lyme?!) support group.  Taking us through our battles while fighting yours. Kelly, that heroine.  

If Kelly is Hermione in all of this, does that make Dr. Horowitz Harry Potter and the CDC Voldemort? Yeah. It kinda does. Maybe there is deeper meaning in all of this. Is the general public unintentionally walking around like “muggles”, unaware of the wizard and witch warriors around them affected by lyme disease? As in the books and movies, the muggles do not see things in the wizardly world. Not their homes, their castles, their secret places. Then for sure they wouldn’t see their pain.But Kelly is helping to change all that. By bringing the often invisible disease chronic lyme to the forefront. By sharing her story. By raising awareness.

Kelly, you are a heroine, like Hermione. A herione of haphazard lyme hell. 

See Kelly’s story a here:




And as seen on the Katie Couric Show:

Kelly on Katie Couric

DISCLAIMER: Um. So..er…uh…I’ve never actually read any of the Harry Potter books. And never really understood the movies. But wikipedia makes for great cliff notes 🙂 Just don’t judge me too harshly me on my Harry Potter facts…!

The kids at Magic Kingdom!

The kids at Magic Kingdom!

On Tuesday, April 23rd, at 8:30 pm,  at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, I had the scare of my lyme life.

We had been driving that day from the first leg of our vacation in Fort Lauderdale to Orlando, to start our Disney adventure with the kids. After arriving in the afternoon, we immediately hit the pool where we swam, sun bathed, and enjoyed the poolside games. We also enjoyed the resort grounds, teaming with waterbucks, antelopes, giraffes and zebras! We refueld with a great Aftrican-themed dinner at the resort’s Boma restaurant–great african inspired cuisine made complete for me with the addition of an ice cold gluten free beer, called Omission. Omission. If only I could omit you Borrelia, if only!!

We were winding down for the evening, chilling at the arcade, then the hotel balcony. This is where things started moving in slow motion. Slow. Agonzing. Terrifying. Motion.

I came in from the balcony to get the kids pajamas out. I bent over a suitcase, and suddenly felt my leg fold from under me.  It was a bizarre folding sensation. More like my leg was melting. Oh, I thought. Something is terribly wrong, terribly.  This slow, warm, numb rush slithered up my leg, as it went numb. I moved, hoping to shake it off. Then my arm was under the same gripping spell and I fell to the floor, unable to move my entire left side. Then my neck and head succumbed, it was like weights were tied to me. I felt like my entire left side had melted to the floor and left me in a puddle like the wicked witch of the west. Only you were the only wicked witch of the west that  day Borrelia. The wicked witch of the west, east, north south…and every direction in between. Only I didn’t know it yet.

I screamed out, in disbelief of what was happening. “I’m having a stroke, I’m having a stroke!!!” I screamed out to my husband, banging at him on the glass door to the balcony. All the while my kids terrified and panicked. I thought I was going to die that night, in front of them. I was struggling not to pass out and in disbelief and full panic mode. I can’t believe I might leave them motherless, I cried, this can’t be happening.

The paramedics arrived. “Can you move your left foot?” They asked. No, I could not. “Can you lift your left arm above your head?” they asked. No. I could not. This was not looking good for me. They agreed they needed to bring me to the ER, it may be a stroke. At this time Borrelia, there was nothing in my mind that pointed to you. I had been going about my life just fine. Ended my lyme treatements 4 months ago. Feeling fine. Dizzy. Buzzy feet. Twitchy. Just the norm stuff. It never occurred to me you had joined our little family vacation in such a big, uninvited way.

At the hosptial, they immediately did a chest xray to rule out a blood clot to the lungs. Followed by an EKG. Then a cat scan. Then bloodwork for a heart attack. All the while I just cried and sat and prayed. I could not believe my new reality might be that I had just had a stroke.  I thought of all my neightbors, friends, coworkers and family I ‘d have to tell and I felt embarrassed and hopeless. But that was only if I made it through the night I thought. God, please let me make it. I won’t leave my kids, I won’t. Why was this happening I kept asking out loud with my husband holding my hand. I take such good care of my self. In damn good running form. Eat excellent. Do everything right. Why was my body failing me?? The stress was going to kill me if a stroke didn’t first.

The first round of tests ALL came back normal, an instant burst of relief. But I was admitted over night for observation. They had ruled out a heart attack and major stroke, but I needed an MRI to rule out a TSI, transient ischemic attack, or mini stroke. Dammit, I wasn’t in the clear yet. Nor would I be for the next 14 hours, which is how long it took them to get me the MRI.

I did nothing but sat motionless in my bed. Waiting. Didn’t watch tv. Didn’t talk. Didn’t sleep. Didn’t eat. Just waited. I saw three doctors. The first two didn’t even hear me say “I have lyme disease”. Well, they chose not to, as you would imagine. But the third. He was like a prince charming of sorts. Young. Compassionate. Calming. And when I told him I had lyme, he nodded his head in understanding. In UNDERSTANDING!!! “Well, then” he said assuredly and sweetly, “this could certainly be in the realm of lyme”! WHAT?! A mainstream MD just acknowledged and understood and agreed lyme could be a suspect? In fact, he believed it was the case, even before my MRI results came back. He even could barely wait to be informed of the results, almost just to confirm his suspicion. God Bless this kind hearted, open minded professional. For the first time I felt some hope. I called my lyme ND on her personal phone. She assured me she had seen this type of response before and would get me back into her office to figure out our next plan of attack. God Bless her too. I told her I loved her and  hung up the phone.

MRI negative!! MRI freakin’ negative!! No mini stroke either! I could have jumped up on my hospital bed and performed “The Little Mermaids’s Magical Voyage Musical” right then and there! I was so happy and so relieved!! Walked out of that hospital cursing Borrelia but at the same time, thankful it was just that and nothing else! I was going back to the hotel to see my kids!!!!!

Next day we shake rattled and rollercoastered our way ALL over the Magic Kingdom!! Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain! Sure,  I was a little leary. And weak. And dizzy. I had to laugh, wondering if all this jarring and jostling and twisting and turning on all the rides was going to shake up Borrelia all over my body and make things worse….or scare her away! HA! I didn’t care! I didn’t have a stroke and I was going to have fun and enjoy and show the kids mom was tough and nothing was going to spoil our fun!

Okay, so maybe I over did it that day. Just a little. Next day, I had to tame Hollywood studios from a wheel chair (see pic of me from my wheelchair). And during each show, when the lights dimmed, I wondered is that me or the lights? Was I about to pass out? When air conditioning blew on my legs, I wondered if it was the air or if I was going numb and limp again. With each step, I wondered if I would fall. Yes, Borrelia. It’s always hard to know with you. But screw you. I wasn’t going to let it stop me. Despite the fear and discomfort and dizziness and weakness. And by the way. Speaking of Hollywood Studios. I am the Director of me. Not you.

And the smiles on my kids faces, the smiles!! But my poor daughter. Asking me if I can smile for her about every 5 minutes. She was checking to see….if I was having a stroke. How could you scare her like that, Borrelia, how could you?


Me, in a wheelchair at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

And so I have returned. To NH. To begin another work week tomorrow. To await an appt. with my lyme ND next week. Here I go again. On that roller coaster of lyme.  Hey Borrelia. Mickey Mouse called. He doesn’t want to see your kind of roller coasters at Disney World ever again. Ever. WTF.


In the spirit of a previous post 27 Ways to Get Sh&t Done…When You Have Lyme Disease, tonite’s post  is 10 Things I’ve Decided Not to Stress About…When It Comes to Lyme Disease, inspired by an article called 10 Things I’ve Decided Not to Stress About by Sarah Klein in a Huffington Post article.

1. I’ve decided not to stress about missing the Route 2 exit. Like twice a week. While driving on I-495. On my way to work. Because I’m….well, I’m not really sure what I’m doing. Spacing? Thinking? Not Thinking? Day Dreaming? Forgeting where I’m going? All of it? For all I know, the detour could lead me to the coffee shop of my dreams. Ah yes.

2. I’ve decided not to stress about my cold cold hands, cold feet, and my cold to the core body, despite the fact that I spend entire weekends at hockey rinks watching my kids games. I will hold a hot beverage. Wear long underwear AND ski pants. Double up on socks. Sit on a blanket. And stuff my pockets with tissue. And I’ll focus my energy on the refs, er, uh, game.

3. I’ve decided not to stress about long days at work, especially ones that involve late business dinners. I will fuel myself at each phase of the day, whatever it takes to get me to keep on keeping on. Coffee in the morning. Tea and chocolate in the early afternoon. Trip to the frozen yogurt shop in the later afternoon. Glass of wine at the bar. Dinner that I don’t have to cook. Cappacino before the drive back home.

4. I’ve decided not to stress about my coffee habit. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s been directly or indirectly eluded to in the last three points. I know, I know. I’m not doing my adrenals any favors. At all.

Coffee cup

Coffee cup (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

5. I’ve decided not to stress about not being religious about taking my herbs. The stress of not taking the herbs is far more deleterious than not taking the herbs to begin with. Besides, give it a few weeks and I’ll have to change protocols anyway.

6. I’ve decided not to stress about forgeting my grocery list. I mean, we eat the same thing week in week out anyway. How hard can it be to wing it? Wait, what did I buy last week??

7. I’ve decided not to stress about how my lyme brain can handle quarterly reports, presentations, and budget plans. That are all due at the same time.  I will learn to do in 1 day what used to take me 1 week. I already have. With a little help from…all together now….coffee.

8. I’ve decided not to stress about my clothes never fitting. And getting increasingly baggier. Because of meds. And being busy and active. It’s not like my heart will be broken if I need to go to J.CREW at the outlet mall…AGAIN.

9. I’ve decided not to stress about my dark under eye circles. I’ll brighten up my look instead. Highlights make everything better. They may actually make the world go round.

10. I’ve decided not to stress about the all over twitching and buzzing and fumbling over words. Honestly, it would not feel normal NOT to have these sensations and frustrations. THAT would be stressful!!!


“Onward: How Starbucks Fought for It’s Life without Losing Its Soul” is a book by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. Did you enjoy this read, Borrelia? I certainly did. Mr. Schultz bought Starbucks in 1987 and lead the company through 2000, when he stepped down as CEO after a very successful and profitable reign. In the seven years that followed, Starbucks lost itself. Lost its identity, vision, core philosophy and path. Fixated on profits and growth rather than customers and products. Onward describes this downfall as well as its rise again when Schultz returned as CEO  in 2007  with the task of rebranding Starbucks. Rebranding and helping it finds its soul again.

Redesigned logo used from 2011-present.

Redesigned logo used from 2011-present. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This book spoke to me on so many levels, Borrelia. Especially as a business manager, always striving to improve my leadership skills. And always trying to improve the brand, while preserving the core philosophy. But it also spoke to me as the lyme whisperer. “Onward”. With you, Borrelia, we lymies must always push and fight onward. We must always fight without losing our soul. Having suffered with lyme for almost three years now, I feel I most certainly have rebranded myself. Really rebranded myself. Out of necessity. Sometimes I wonder if I was meant to meet you, Borrelia, for the very fact that it made me grow as a person and take on this rebranding.

Just as Schultz  left Starbucks as CEO, I feel that I had to leave my former self behind. Only when I realized that I would probably never quite be my former self again because of lyme, was I able to step back in and return with a new outlook. A new mission to rebrand myself. Again, in the way Schultz returned to Starbucks.  What follows is a look at how you, Borrelia,  have forced me to rebrand myself. Before, I was a Mom. Manager. Athlete. Who am I, today?

I am an Actress. You cannot see the pain. But make no mistake, it tortures my muscles, my nerves and my body, all of it. I cry when you are not looking. I smile when you are. I can yell “action” and put on a brave face. But when it’s time to “cut” I just might fall to the floor. I did not ask for this pain, Borrelia. But I will ask, I will beg, for someone to take it away. And that won’t be an act.

I am a Firefighter. I must put out fires, all over my body. New symptoms that pop up everywhere. At any time.

I am an Herbalist. Learning more about antimicrobial herbs and treatments than my education as a biochemist and Certified Nutritionist would have every taught me.

I am a Pharmacist. No one should have to know what we lymies must come to know and learn about antibiotics, Borrelia.

I am a Dancer. Because movement moves me. It brings me joy and peace of mind.  I love the feeling of moving my knees and back through the pain, I do. And of having toned and strong muscles. I dance because it’s fun and upbeat and a workout.  I dance despite you and in spite of you, Borrelia,  and that motivates me most of all.

I am an Iron Chef. Time and energy are scarce, but I can make a nutrient dense meal in seconds, I have to. And I ‘ve gotten quite good at making the most of what I have time and energy for as well as what my stomach will tolerate.  And by meal I might sometimes mean a blend of veggies, fruit and protein in the Vitamix. That counts, Borrelia, it does.

I am a Fundraiser. Because no one should suffer. I don’t care what you are suffering from, I am motivated to support you. I understand what it is like to have your health taken away. Your sense of invincibility shattered.. I understand what it is like to be sick. And to have treatments. And I want to help you. If there was a 5K for it, I probably  ran for it and contributed to it 🙂

I am a Coach. Because time with my kids is precious, and it can be so very hard to be present for them when not feeling well. So when I can be, it needs to count. If that means being the batting order coach for a team of fifteen four  and five year olds, so be it. I’m there.

I am a Follower. Faith takes on new meaning when it is challenged. And when you become so desperate, Borrelia, that you beg your god for help. I take comfort in the mediation of church, in the music, in the stories, in the people.  And I appreciate all of it more than I did before. I also feel at times, that god did want me to experience this for a reason. To grow from it, to be humbled and redirected.

I am a Blogger. Lyme has given me the need to express myself. And to connect. And to reach out. And to have a creative outlet. I am so thankful for the opportunity, it has been one of the most rewarding “rebranding” initiatives I have undertaken.

Bust most of all, Borrelia…most of all…I am the CEO of my body. And my life. For all the reasons above. That makes me the CEO, not you.. In fact, not just the C-E-O. But the C-Me-O. I am in charge of me. I have rebranded myself because of you and I am stronger for it. It’s Onward from here, Borrelia. Onward. I will fight for my life, without losing my soul. Even if I feel that I have lost my former self. Onward I go.






I recently read an article at http://greatist.com called 27 Ways to Get More Sh!t Done. Which inspired me to come up with my own list..”27 Ways to Get Sh&t Done, Period…When You Have Lyme Disease”! Shall we begin, Borrelia? Here we go, in no particular order:

1. Lose 5 lbs. Ha. That’s easy. 6 antibiotic pills a day should do the trick.

2. Make dinner. Hmmm. I’m  good at short cuts. Let’s see, there is “Paris Night”–baguette, cheese, grapes. oooh lala mama! There’s nacho night. Tortialla chips. Shredded Cheese. Microwave, 30 seconds. Done. Way to go mamacita, right Borrelia? Breakfast night helps. Pancakes. With peanut butter, makes it a meal. Make your own salad night. Make your own sandwhich night. Make your own taco night. See a trend?

3. Clean house. Oh that’s easy too. Fabric bins. Like this one . All over the house. All you need to do is throw sh&t in them and your house looks clean. Bins for school bags and sweatshirts.  Bins for wii games and accessories. Bins for stuffed animals. Bins for legos. Bins for books and magazines! Bin there, done that!!

4. Entertain.  My friends call me The Ten o’clock Tyrant. Guess what? If you haven’t left by 10 p.m. I’m going to bed anyway. I don’t care. I’m TIRED with a capital T. Well least I tell them upfront, Borrelia. Love you, but you are outta here at 10. S-h-a-r-p. Leave the wine. xxoo Good thing they love me too.

5. School Field Trips. Fake it. Tell the teacher it’s the kid who has to pee AGAIN, not you. And good lord, whatever you do, don’t leave without the GPS.  Your brain fog may be worse after a day with 22 four-year olds.

6. Play Dates. Always and only at 10:00 am. Play for 2 hours.  Then lunch and nap with your toddler. That’s how I got through the toddler years, no other way!

7.  Work Trips. Tell no one your real flight arrangements or conference schedule. That way you can squeeze in a power nap at the hotel, at any given time. 3 hour exhibit hall stint that afternoon? Take a “conference call” back at the room….

8. Shopping. Choose one store. Fits? By 5 pairs. Different colors an option, not a must. You’re done. Works for shoes, jeans, suit jackets, trouser pants. I can spend $500 bucks easy in a 3×3 section of Express.  That’s what I call efficient. And energy sparing!

9. Finish a Book. Sorry. Can’t help you with that one. Too tired and too short of an attention span.

10. Finish a Movie. Oops. Sorry. Can’t help there either. Haven’t finished a movie in 3 years. Just can’t stay awake. No Avatar or Hunger Games for me.

11. Run a 5K. Shuffle a 5K. Or should the mood hit you, electric slide it.

12. Help Son with School Project. You know that birdhouse he built with his Dad at Home Depot, Borrelia? Let’s cut a hole in the roof. Paint it. And call it his Valentine’s card box, eh?

13. Xmas Shopping. One word:  Amazon. Two other words: Gift card. Three other words: No wrapping! Bags!

14. Plan Daughter’s Birthday. Oh, honey. That’s what Build-a-Bear is for.

15. Laundry. Separate? Sort? HA! That’s funny! No, I don’t think so….

16. Clean My Office: One file and one file only. File 13. Oh, looky. The desk is clean now. Mission Accomplished.

17. Dictate. Leave yourself voice memos on your iphone. About all the Sh&t you have to do. Or to buy grapes and cheese for Paris night (refer to #2)

18. Take Notes. On your forearm, preferably. That way it won’t rub off when you wash your hands. Forget the stickies. Because you will literally forget where you put the stickies.

19. Go iPhone Calendar Crazy. Use it until you are convinced it is going to combust with all the reminders and events you fill it up with. Birthday parties, meetings, girls nights, work trips, workouts, medicine times, Dr. Oz, Shark Week.  All of it.

20. Storytime. Nothing like having to read a pile of story books to two young kids at the end of a long day…unless you come up with family reading time. What a privelege to read on mommy and daddy’s bed to yourself  during this new, quiet time bedtime routine!

21. Host a Superbowl Party. Open red beans with can opener. Repeat with black and white beans, canned corn and tomatoes. Add pre-chopped convenience packed onions and celery. Sprinkle with chili powder. Then cumin. Turn on crockpot. Touchdown.

22. Walk. Like an Egyptian. Yeah, exercise hurts sometimes. But walk if you can, even with that pained, stiff, twisted, pinched back. Even if you look like an Egyptian. Cuz moving means strengthening and strengthening defeats you little by little, Borrelia.

23. Sit Through a School Talent Show. Bring your four year old. Leave during the 36th act (with 15 to go) because it is HER bedtime.

24. Go Grocery Shopping. Of all things, I think this one takes ALL my strength. I perimeter shop. Keeping it simple and as quick as I can. Daring to venture mid aisle only for the coffee. Of course.

25. Get Guiltless Downtime. PBS, Animal Planet, Discovery…yeah, educational stuff the kids can watch while Mom closes her eyes on the couch! Okay. I’m guilty of setting them in front of the occasional Star Wars marathon. Occasionally.

26. Quality Time With the Kids. Let the couch games begin! I spy? Mother May I? Simon Says? Charades? Taking “movies” with the iphone video cam? It can all be done while resting on the couch.

27. Stay Sane. This is a tough one. But find like minded people. Or should I say lyme minded people? Is that an oxymoron? Anyway, like Tired of Lyme. Like Lyme Friends Understand. Like The Tick That Bit Me. Like Lyme Disease Cure Please. Like Lyme Bytes. Like the 3B’s of Lyme. Like Lyme Chick. Like Team Lyme. And all the other great lyme bloggers and facebook page holders out there that have their own voice and story to share! For the good of all of us!

See Borrelia? We CAN manage. We can manage to get Sh&t done despite all your Sh&t. Here’s to all my lymies who get Sh&t done and for all of you right now that struggle to get Sh&t done. Keep up the fight! And for anyone who wishes to add #28, 29, 30 and so on…feel free to keep the conversation going right here! I know you have your own ways to get Sh&t done!

P.U.S.S. n’ Hoots

Puss in Boots (Shrek)

Puss in Boots (Shrek) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Borrelia, this post was inspired by guest columnist Toni Bernhard of Psychology Today, specifically by part two of her article “What Those with Chronic Pain or Illness DON’T Want to Hear You Say“.  As Toni prefaced in part one,  the purpose of her piece was not to make fun of those whose comments are off the mark (because most people have good intentions), but rather to make those with health difficulties feel less alone and to help friends, family or others understand how some of their comments may be perceived. The article shares examples of comments that a friend, family member, coworker or fellow worshiper made to a person with chronic disease, followed by the thoughts and feelings of that person with chronic disease in response.

I laughed and nodded at the examples she gave, and could very much relate. So it inspired me to come up with my own sets of examples, but with my own spin. Interactions between what I will call a P.U.S.S. (Poor Un-Suspecting Soul) and the lymewhisperer (LW), just for hoots. Because the P.U.S.S. in the examples below is simply making ordinary life observations–not making comments related to chronic diseae–and would have had no reason to expect the sarcasm of the lymewhisperer. And because the sarcastic humor of the lyme whisperer isn’t reserved just for you, Borrelia!

P.U.S.S: My foot fell asleep for three minutes!

LW: My foot fell asleep for three years.

P.U.S.S: Wow! That ride made me dizzy!

LW: Being awake makes ME dizzy.

P.U.S.S: I have a photographic memory!

LW: Memory…memory….I forgot what that means??

P.U.S.S: Wow, I can’t believe how much these turnpike tolls cost.

LW: Wow, I can believe how much the toll of lyme disease costs…let’ see, doctors visits, antibiotic, probiotics, dark circle eye cream…

P.U.S.S: I’m so tired.

LW: I’m so tired of being tired of being tired.

P.U.S.S: I need a sugar fix.

LW: I need a body fix.

P.U.S.S: Top of the mornin’ to ya!

LW: Actually, mornings are rock bottom.

P.U.S.S: Man, I really hate being in the lime light!

LW: Man, (long pause)…. I really hate being in the lyme light…


So there you have it, Borrelia! A creative little exchange with me and a P.U.S.S….just for hoots!!

Intro to my blog

This blog is about my conversations (whispers, swearing, chiding, nagging, etc) with “Borrelia”, the Borellia burgdorferi bacteria that causes my lyme disease. Please read the About, My Story and Lyme Info sections of my blog to get the idea. And welcome to the conversation!