I uncharacteristically decided to sleep in this morning. Which meant waking up at 6:30 instead of 5 am. Intuitively, I must have felt that I’d need the extra rest before my day turned into a woefully yet wonderfully whirling wind of blustering activity. Leaving me breathless yet buoyant. Taxed yet terrific. Vibrating–will that left foot ever stop?–yet victorious.


After school drop off, it was a quick stop at the cafe for a medium dark roast and paleo banana bread (how does that work?). Then off to the grocery store before the chaos of Easter shoppers. My intermittent obsession with Pinterest had taken over me this weekend, leaving me with a list of things I didn’t usually buy and didn’t know where to find. Asian chicken wrap mix? Here? No here. Virgin sesame oil? Oil aisle or Asian aisle? Minced ginger. Produce or condiments? ooooh that was exhausting!  And I’d totally forgotten about my celery, carrots, cabbage and kale for this weeks juicing and the quinoa flakes, cocoa and coconut oil for the cookies. The only thing that made me sweat even more than running around was the bill!


I can carry $275 of groceries on both arms because I am so darn stubborn about not having to make multiple trips back to the car for bags. But surely I look ridiculous. Like a scarecrow on steroids. After unpacking I had to go back to the car after all for the Easter basket goodies I had hidden in the trunk earlier in the week. Back inside, I ripped open packages of gum and Pez, socks and lacrosse balls, t-shirts and tic tacs to divide between two Minion Easter baskets. I hid these and the pre-filled eggs (the only way to go) in my closet under my bathrobe and checked the task off of my mental list. My ever growing ever cluttered mental list.


While I’m here, futzing around in the closet, why not pack for the gala?? As in the Global Lyme Alliance Gala that I will be attending next week in Greenwich with the Dana Parish (have you checked Huffington Post lately? Check it!). Um…Green dress! No, black! No, purple! With boots! No, peep toes! And turquoise! No, diamonds! Can’t forget the snacks–I aways pack snacks–after all a large part of that $275 I just spent was on my stash of Mediterra bars, pistachios and dark chocolate!


Okay! Shoot! Never cancelled that conference call which is supposed to begin in 10 minutes! Looks like I’m jumping on. I will be clear and firm that I have no more than 20 minutes…as I still haven’t decided on a dress or stuffed my clothes in my suitcase…not that they need to know that. And on I went, with no indication that I had barely had time to switch from Mom mode to Prom mode to Work mode. You know what? Glad I made that call. Lots of ideas for customer conversion and retention…now, better pack my underwear and pajamas before I forget…


Underwear, check! Sneakers, check! Hey, wait a second. Before I pack these sneaks I should get my work out in. Yup! On with the tank and tight leggings, socks and sneaks. Hmmmmm…let me throw–literally throw–some veggies in the Vitamix and drink my greens on the way to the Y since I have no time to eat them, or anything else. I love my frothy celery and enjoy the quick solitude of juice and Juice Newton (Grease soundrack) in my car. Twenty vigorous minutes of intervals at incline 6 on the elliptical, 10 minutes on the stair climber, 1 mile around the track (enjoying an oddball desire to stream some Johnny Cash from Google Music) and 10 minutes lifting weights. Forty something minutes for this forty something girl was just fine for today! But not before having a fellow kettle beller snap a picture of me for my brand’s social media page. I have the ability to fit work in at ANY given moment!


And it was a race back home to post said social media pictures and greet my sixth grader from the bus, before going to pick up his sister from her school and taking them for spring clothes shopping–kill me now! Oh man, do we go with the medium or large? Blue, green or red? Or all three? Tanks or t-shirts? Fitted or loose? Adidas or Nike? Hawaiin or golf? After and hour or so it was time to pay up and pig out, this mama hadn’t eaten more than two nibbles all day and was ready to stoop to the healthiest fast food she could find. Enter the chicken pecan salad and chili. Aaaaaaahhh.


Full belly meant refueled, just in time to drive the kiddos–Southern New Hampshire Cavaliers at that–to back to back hockey practices.  After laughing and gabbing with some hockey moms (and dads), it was finally home for a SHOWER, a snack and a sudden need to blog about the day, out of need for creative expression and meaningful inspiration! For despite the vibrating left foot, fumbled words and the odd and at times debilitating new issue of  panic attacks at traffic lights, I still pushed myself through the whirlwind of my world. And will continue to do so as long as their is a breath of wind left in me.