This is a poem I wrote for the mom’s in my town after we made national news on December 21st when all 17 public schools were closed due to “threats of violence”. Be strong in this world. That’s the message. Whatever your struggle, be strong in this world–from Borrelia to bomb threats–let there be goodness and light.

“The Tears of Moms”

A rainy day
After yesterday’s fray
They’re the Tears of Mom’s
Washing darkness away.

Loving words
To dull evil’s swords
They’re the words of Mom’s
In a frightful world.

Tight hugs and embraces
Freezing in our minds our children’s faces
It’s the strength of Mom’s
Weakening the world’s disgraces

Sending them out the door
When no place seems safe anymore
It’s the harshest reality for Mom’s
To always fear what’s in store

But where would light shine?
If we sheltered and denied
This world from their hearts and minds?
Beautiful, innocent, hopeful and great—
It is their good that will beat hate.

A rainy day
After yesterday’s fray
The tears of Moms
Washing darkness away.