In my new book, Lyme Whisperer: The Secret’s Out, I provide The Top Five Borrelia Busters, Top Five Dietary Do’s and Don’ts, Top Five Right-On Resources, and Top Five Awesome Affirmations (pages 147-157). Today, I share my expertise in work and hockey mom travel with the Top Five Lyme Whisperer Traveling Tips!

1. REST FOR THE BEST. For the best outcome, I start scheduling extra rest and down time 2-4 weeks in advance of a scheduled trip. Having just been to London and New York, without relapse or incident, I can attest to the importance of this. For instance, before my overseas trip, I started going to bed an hour or two earlier, taking weekend naps, shopping online instead of meandering in stores, not hosting sleep overs for my kids, not attending evening work dinners, and exercising 3 days a week rather than 4-5. The goal? To spare my energy reserves and stamina.

2. HYDRATE. About a week before air travel, I hydrate very consciously and increase my daily water intake for a full 7-days. Because on days that I fly, I tend not to drink that much and actually reduce my water (and coffee) intake….because of my “Mad Bladder” which would otherwise have me using the bathroom every hour or so on a cross country or trans Atlantic flight (described on page 35 in the book)! Having hydrated so well in the days before minimizes any negative impact of my not drinking as much on the day of.

3. GO NUTS. I’m nuts about packing nuts! Which used to include almonds. Now that I’ve realized I’m allergic to those, I pack pistachios, brazil nuts, hazel nuts and pumpkin seeds as well as individual packets of sunflower seed butter. Not into nuts or not able to eat them? How about power packing some quinoa chips, Mary’s Gone Crackers, or Go Raw Chocolate Cookies? Don’t leave it to Jet Blue to provide you animal crackers or blue Terra chips. Pack for energy! Pack for sustenance! Pack a peanut butter sandwich on gluten free bread! This is so important to me that I leave my laptop at home and pack my laptop bag FULL of power snacks.

4. PLAN, PACK, PLAN, PACK. Recently, for my son’s hockey tournament away from home, I had to pack for 3 days worth of mini “Me meals”. These were the meals and snacks that would cover me for an entire weekend of gluten free and dairy free eating. Fortunately, we had a fridge and kitchenette in our hotel rooms. I just figured whatever the other hockey parents would be eating and drinking, I wouldn’t be able to have any. So in addition to my power snacks (see number 3 above), I packed a cooler with sausage, frozen egg patties, daiya dairy free cheese, cold cuts, hummus, berries and flavored seltzer water. For me, protein is my most important dietary need and I always make sure I plan my day and meals around it. On my recent trip to London, I packed my protein AND my protein shaker. I kept a serving of protein in my shaker and put it in my purse. During the day while touring, I simply added water to keep myself fueled and energized. I didn’t go hungry and was able to endure the weekend. Plan, pack, plan, pack! That’s the mantra!

5. AXE ANXIETY. Chop away at your anxieties any way that you can. I buy entertainment magazines because they are a treat for me, distract me, and keep my mood light. Or I bring that new book I’ve been meaning to read and make time to relax with it. I take l-theanine supplements, which provide the compound found in tea responsible for it’s relaxing properties. And perhaps above all, I will have done numbers 1-4, which will have helped to alleviate my biggest fears and anxieties about not having enough food, water or rest to fuel myself and fight off Borrelia or a relapse.

Happy and safe travels, Whisperers! You CAN do it!

My daughter and I in front of Buckingham palace last month!

My daughter and I in front of Buckingham palace last month!