November 22, 2014–Lyme Whisperer announces launch of new book “Lyme Whisperer: The Secret’s Out.” “The Secret,” says Lyme Whisperer, “is that Lyme sufferers are not crazy…and they’re not alone.” This book will help generate awareness, create conversation, and shed light on the very dark issue of Lyme disease, warns Lyme Whisperer. At the time of this release, Borrelia could not be reached for comment.

In Lyme Whisperer: The Secret’s Out, Joy lets you in on her conversations or “whispers” with Borrelia, the bacteria that causes Lyme. If you’ve ever wondered how Borrelia could be compared to the White Witch from the Chronicles of Narnia, the transformer Megatron, the serpent monster from Harry Potter, Snow White’s apple, a Disney World roller-coaster ride, The Perfect Storm, a World War Z zombie, or Gone with the Wind, then this book is for you. If you haven’t wondered any of this before, you should be wondering now. This book is for Lyme warriors, Lyme friends, Lyme family, Lyme doctors, Lyme legislators, the Lyme curious, and even Lyme skeptics. It’s for everyone because quite simply, Lyme is the epidemic of our time. Join Joy as she whispers defiantly to Borrelia in her fight against Lyme. A fight filled with humor and hope. She’s not crazy. And she’s not alone.

Joy Pelletier Devins is a loving mother of two and doting adversary of one, namely, Borrelia. Joy is a vice president with a degree in biochemistry and has worked in the nutrition industry for over seventeen years. She is an avid runner and sneaker shopper. In addition to blogging at, her passions and interests include being outdoors, bonding with hockey moms, Starbucks runs, British newscasts, lip syncing to “Karma Chameleon,” avoiding dog bites, skiing New Hampshire mountains, and dark chocolate with peanut butter. Joy was diagnosed with Lyme disease in November of 2010.

Borrelia was last seen hovering like a coward in biofilm. Any information pertaining to the whereabouts or fate of Borrelia can be left as comments below 🙂