Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D., has done it again, Borrelia. He’s written another New York Times best seller. Dr. Hyman’s latest effort is The Blood Sugar Solution 10-DAY DETOX DIET. I wrote about Dr. Hyman’s original Blood Sugar Solution book in Lean Mean Lyme Fighting Machine back in August of 2012. In that blog entry, I imagined a sugar free Lean Mean Lyme Fighting Machine to be like the heroic and mighty Transformer, Optimus Prime.  I discussed how fighting sugar cravings and sugar spikes was important for fighting spirochete sugar junkies such as yourself, Borrelia. Did you know, Borrelia, that there are over 600,000 food products on the market and 80% of them have added sugar? Did you know that mice given the option will choose sugar water over cocaine water, as it is more addictive? Just read Dr. Hyman’s book for more sugar secrets! 

Yes, I’m happy to report that his new book inspires me to be an even Leaner, Meaner Lyme Fighting Machine! It’s my favorite of all his books. I read it in its entirety on my way to a conference in San Francisco where I would have the opportunity to see Dr. Hyman in person. I wanted to make sure that I had done my “research.” I wish all the passengers that day on my JetBlue flight had had a copy to read instead of watching their television monitors with commercials for Lucky Charms and Coca Cola.

While the book is positioned for weight loss, it’s really all about toxin loss. Sounds lymetastic, right? Detoxification is so important to being a stealthy, healthy Lyme warrior. I also love that it’s a 10-Day Challenge. I can commit to 10 days! Especially if it’s 10 days of agony and sugar starvation for you, Borrelia. Now THAT’s sweet! Hee hee! I did in fact do a detox challenge earlier this year. I had headaches and was genuinely sad about not having coffee. But I did it. I didn’t lose weight, but that was not my goal. This Lyme body is in a very delicate state of balance and I did not want to offset that! So I was careful to make sure not to shed pounds.

My goal instead was to activate and prime my body’s natural detox mechanisms with laser sharp focus. I followed Dr. Hyman’s two steps for detox success: Out with the Bad, In with the Good. Simple, yet clear and effective. Out with the Bad was hard. Not hard because of lack of willpower, will power comes fairly easy to me. No, it was hard because most everything has added sugar in some form or another…and it all had to go. Agave, brown rice syrup, honey–things in many of my “health food” snacks and beverages like bars and bottled teas–had to go. I said time-out to dairy as well as grains, even gluten-free ones, as part of this detox jump-start. Even beans had to go. And of course my Starbucks and Shiraz. This was the cleanest, meanest detox I had ever attempted.

At the same time, In with the Good was fun and rewarding. I was loving my new decaf mint morning tea, was very satiated with my breakfast of hard-boiled or scrambled eggs, and loved to make my mountain-high Mediterranean kale salads drizzled with extra virgin olive oil for lunch and dinner. I snacked on almonds and sunflower seeds and enjoyed veggie/berry/protein smoothies. I do LOVE to eat after all, Borrelia. And I love the foods that boost my detox pathways, reduce inflammation, improve gut function and balance blood sugar. Therefore, I really enjoyed my tofu broccoli ginger cilantro curry stirfrys and lemon/cucumber water! I also fed my soul with outdoor running, journaling, relaxation and sleep. If I’m not mistaken, Borrelia, you also got to enjoy the In with the Good supplements I took, including a multivitamin, fish oil, vitamin D, fiber, magnesium. 

Ah yes, it’s nice to take the time to transform like this. I will try to do so several times a year, though much of the concepts I have held on to (I am not following a dairy free or Starbucks free diet at the moment). It IS a battle between Autobots (that would be Optimus Prime or us health conscious consumers) and Decepticons (that would be Megatron or the deceptive food industry). I mean, Transformers the movie was promoted heavily by Burger King, after all. In fact, if you are fascinated by Big Food and Big Government influence over this nation, please see the documentary Fed Up in theaters now, or read this book. The movie was executive produced by Katie Couric and features Dr. Hyman.

Thank you, Dr. Hyman. For transforming the way we think about food and health. I personally am a Leaner Meaner Lyme Fighting Machine for it…an Optimus Lyme.

10-Day Detox Diet

Lyme Whisperer (left), Dr. Hyman, Lindsay at the book signing of The Blood  Sugar Solution, New York 2012

Lyme Whisperer (left), Dr. Hyman, Lindsay at the book signing of The Blood Sugar Solution, New York 2012