Having a full time job and Lyme disease is a challenge to say the least. But I’ve learned to turn my limitations from the disease into strengths so that my work doesn’t suffer.  Here is a Top 10 List of how Lyme disease has actually made me BETTER at my job:

10. Marketing materials?  I make them more concise, simple, and to-the-point when I edit them. Because that’s what my easily confused mind needs. The end result? A stronger message for the company.

9. Powerpoints? I use images and more images. Because lots of text overwhelms. The end result? Engaging and easy to remember presentations.

8. Business Plans? I start with a pie chart. Cut it into four “slices”. Fill in each slice with a main objective for the year. The end result? Strategy simplified. Serve it up!

7. Quarterly calls? I talk swiftly. I deliver what I need to deliver in 35 minutes instead of 60. The end result? No-bull reporting on results and I won’t lose my focus and thoughts halfway through.

6. Time management? Having a shorter attention span means I carefully plan each hr with something new to tackle. The end result? There’s no more procrastinating, every little project gets touched!

5. Organization? Mental clutter on top of mental clutter means lots of physical clutter. The end result? I’ve stopped filing physical documents and only file electronically, so maintaining my files is easier. 

4. Leadership? Some days, pep talks and motivational meetings are “all” that I can handle doing. The end result? I invest more time and energy focusing on my employees and leading by example than ever before.

3. Social Responsiblity? My level of compassion for those that suffer or have been through a significant challenge is at an all time high. The end result? Helping to institute and shape my company’s corporate responsibility program and having that as part of my legacy.

2. Financials? Financials schminancials. I can’t possibly retain all the numbers I need to in this brain. The end result? I don’t focus on my financials and make everything I do about the customer instead. Seems to be working for the revenue if you ask me.

1. And a partridge in a pear tree. Wait. What were we talking about??