Happy WTF-iversary, Borrelia. What a “special occasion”. It’s the anniversary of the “stroke-like” “date” we shared at Disney’s Animal Kingdom resort on April 23, 2013, which I wrote about in “Mickey Mouse to Borrelia: WTF?!”. Do you, remember “Dear”? I thought I was going to die in front of my kids that night.

So, my “dear” Borrelia. Here is my WTF-iversary card just for you…


To the Unlove of My Life

Who continues to be with me every step of the way, dammit

It seems like just yesterday

We walked the Florida sunshine together

Until you decided to be the horrific partner you are

And brought me to the ground

In a “stroke” of sheer evil

Thought I was going to die in front of my kids

But I’m glad I’m alive

To wish you a happy WTF-iversary


Things have never quite been the same

Since that fateful day

My left side is weak, weird and wobbly

Post-traumatic stress

Has been the gift that keeps on giving

Thank you but no thank you

Really I insist

That you stop spoiling me

With all your lame surprises

Please and thank you


 We’ve been through thick and thin, good days and bad

But I really wish I could just kiss your a$$ goodbye

I don’t need your “gifts”

So on our WTF-iversary remember that

And though you may be in my heart and mind …literally

You will never infect my soul

I don’t know what the future holds for us

But I promise to continue to love to hate you

Forever and always

Happy WTF-iversary



Lyme Whisperer