World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks. It’s the frightful novel of a zombie pandemic of apocalyptic proportions. Critics claim the book was a platform for the author to criticize government ineptitude and short-sightedness. The novel was later adapted in the film World War Z. The film was produced by Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B Entertainment. In the novel and film, this savage pandemic unravels the world country by country with fear, helplessness and utter chaos. Just like World War L. World War Lyme. If only Brad Pitt had a Plan B for World War L. Ineptitude and short-sightedness? Familiar feelings and terms used by Lyme civilians towards the medical generals leading their war, World War L.

In the book, as the fearsome pandemic spreads first in China and then to South Africa, the U.S. does little to prepare because it is “overconfident in it’s ability to suppress any threat.” Just as in World War L. Where a large part of the medical army believes the shortest course of antibiotics can defeat the elusive enemy, the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease. Yes. Plainly, they are overconfident in their ability to suppress this threat.  When a zombie battle breaks out in Yonkers, New York, the result is disasterous, as  “modern weapons and tactics prove ineffective.”  Are you following, sargents of medicine? Do you realize that your modern weapons and tactics are proving ineffective for desperate Lyme civilians?

As the plot continues, all aspects of civilian life, from Asia to the Rocky Mountains, are centered around defeating the zombie outbreak. In addition, the government commissions a Re-education Act, to educate all civilians on how to protect themselves and support the effort to defeat this plague of horror. Where is the Re-education Act for World War L? Where is it, ask the brave soldiers and civilians of the Lyme army of their government and CDC. 

Only when the U.S. military re-invented itself did the world begin to successfully turn the tides on the zombie war. The military had to reinvent it’s strategy to “meet the specific requirements of fighting the undead”. They changed their approach. Changed their arsenal. Used different weapons. Used different weapons in a longer, more aggressive campaign. A three year campaign. Not a single battle. A three year campaign. Is that not how World War L should be fought? To “meet the specific requirements of fighting the bacteria”. In World War L, should we not have the support of our medical generals to lead fiercely fought campaigns, with the right reconnaissance and the  right weapons?

After World War Z, with humanity at the brink of extinction,  millions of zombies remain dormant on the ocean floor or in the frozen corners of the world. In World War L, we also may never erradicate “the dormant” enemy. Medical generals worldwide must unite and plot with each other to defeat the evil spirochete before humanity suffers more. And when the battle is fought well and fought hard, the same generals must help keep the dormant enemy at bay. Where are these generals? Where? 

New York. Not at the site of “The Battle of Yonkers” as described above, but New York. Hyde Park. Where Richard Horowitz, M.D. can be found, the best infectious disease general the world has to offer. In fact, this general of World War L has plotted with world leaders. Such as the Prime Minister of France, who called upon General Horowitz to ask about joining forces in Operation CDC, to change the CDC criteria for fighting Lyme. In China, leaders reached out to Dr. Horowitz for collaboration in defending babesiosis, the evil ally of the enemy. And from Japan, experts needed consult on borrelia myamotoi, a samarai of a spirochete fatal for children.

Don’t you see? World War L is being fought with emerging heroes leading the way. With world wide strategic alliances. General Horowitz’s new book–“Why Can’t I Get Better? Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease”–is the epic battle plan, the epic map to winning the war. Red alert, medical zombies and  CDC zombies; the world is slowly pulling together to defeat your “ineptitude and short-sightedness.” Civilians “Re-educate” with blogs, support groups, petitions, awareness campaigns, and public testimonies.  When the new military, lead by General Horowitz and others like him, is able to reinvent and change the way the medical community fights Lyme, the ultimate zombie of all, Borrelia, will fall. To the death, Borrelia. World War L will be fought to your death.