I’ve done it! I’ve graduated! From I-Want-My-Life-Back High!!

Just four years ago I was a “freshman”. Entering Dr. Julia’s office for the first time. Tearful. Petrified. Desperate. My health was failing me, an “F”. And I wanted my life back. She took my hand. Walking with me through the cold, lonely, dark halls of lyme. With me all the while, as I learned one painful lesson after another. Protecting me from the bullies–the other doctors–that taunted me, saying it was all in my head. It was during this time that she set the foundation for my “education”. It was easy, really. All I had to do was trust her. And I did.

My “sophomore” year was a trying one. Antibiotic cocktails. Tinctures. Herbs. Vitamins. And more antibiotic cocktails. Aggressive treatments, minimal results. Headaches, twitching, buzzing, numbness, fatigue, confusion, bladder inflammation, back pain. All persisted. Initially. But I was a “studious” student, so I pushed forward. Patiently, methodically and diligently. Taking and doing everything asked of me by my trusted teacher, Dr. Julia.

In my “Junior” year, as any typical junior might do, I played hooky. Got fed up. Stopped taking the antibiotics. Stopped taking everything. Rebelled in a sense. Only to come back begging forgiveness months later. Borrelia was acting up, and we needed to put her into detention, or better yet suspension. I couldn’t do it alone. I needed Dr. Julia for that. Borrelia was as fun as a bad prom date and I’d had enough. Back on the antbiotics for a while more.

“Senior” year was my fourth year in this journey, and such a milestone. After taking antibiotics and natural remedies my “sophomore” and “junior” years, I’d reached a B+ or A-. My new assignment was to take homeopathics and to maintain with whatever I felt I needed: vitamins, probiotics, etc. My progress had been significant and was now stable. Sure, I still buzz and twitch and tingle. And struggle with confusion and memory. And have isolated attacks here and there. But I’m not the awkward, puny “freshman” I was when I first walked into her practice. And I’m ready to join the rest of the world again. And a bit to my surprise today, Dr. Julia agreed. And said very proudly she was pleased with my achievements and success, and that it was time for me to move on. That she does not need to see me as a patient anymore. I had done it. I had graduated from the hard knocks of I-Want-My-Life-Back High.

And so here I am. With mixed emotions. The new grad of I-Want-My-Life-Back High, moving on to
Oh-The-Places-You’ll-Go University. Like any grad, with excitement and fear. About what life will be like in this next chapter. Where I will need to major in the art of diet, exercise, supplements, and rest to keep my health up. I will miss my “classes” or appointments with Dr. Julia, but we plan to reunite annually to trade dark chocolate bars and retest CD57 levels. And I have all my lyme friends I’ve met along the way. They will still be with me on this new part of my journey. I did it, darn it. I did it! I got my life back even if the lyme or lyme symptoms are not gone. It’s about time. And I’m going places.