In the spirit of a previous post 27 Ways to Get Sh&t Done…When You Have Lyme Disease, tonite’s post  is 10 Things I’ve Decided Not to Stress About…When It Comes to Lyme Disease, inspired by an article called 10 Things I’ve Decided Not to Stress About by Sarah Klein in a Huffington Post article.

1. I’ve decided not to stress about missing the Route 2 exit. Like twice a week. While driving on I-495. On my way to work. Because I’m….well, I’m not really sure what I’m doing. Spacing? Thinking? Not Thinking? Day Dreaming? Forgeting where I’m going? All of it? For all I know, the detour could lead me to the coffee shop of my dreams. Ah yes.

2. I’ve decided not to stress about my cold cold hands, cold feet, and my cold to the core body, despite the fact that I spend entire weekends at hockey rinks watching my kids games. I will hold a hot beverage. Wear long underwear AND ski pants. Double up on socks. Sit on a blanket. And stuff my pockets with tissue. And I’ll focus my energy on the refs, er, uh, game.

3. I’ve decided not to stress about long days at work, especially ones that involve late business dinners. I will fuel myself at each phase of the day, whatever it takes to get me to keep on keeping on. Coffee in the morning. Tea and chocolate in the early afternoon. Trip to the frozen yogurt shop in the later afternoon. Glass of wine at the bar. Dinner that I don’t have to cook. Cappacino before the drive back home.

4. I’ve decided not to stress about my coffee habit. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s been directly or indirectly eluded to in the last three points. I know, I know. I’m not doing my adrenals any favors. At all.

Coffee cup

Coffee cup (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

5. I’ve decided not to stress about not being religious about taking my herbs. The stress of not taking the herbs is far more deleterious than not taking the herbs to begin with. Besides, give it a few weeks and I’ll have to change protocols anyway.

6. I’ve decided not to stress about forgeting my grocery list. I mean, we eat the same thing week in week out anyway. How hard can it be to wing it? Wait, what did I buy last week??

7. I’ve decided not to stress about how my lyme brain can handle quarterly reports, presentations, and budget plans. That are all due at the same time.  I will learn to do in 1 day what used to take me 1 week. I already have. With a little help from…all together now….coffee.

8. I’ve decided not to stress about my clothes never fitting. And getting increasingly baggier. Because of meds. And being busy and active. It’s not like my heart will be broken if I need to go to J.CREW at the outlet mall…AGAIN.

9. I’ve decided not to stress about my dark under eye circles. I’ll brighten up my look instead. Highlights make everything better. They may actually make the world go round.

10. I’ve decided not to stress about the all over twitching and buzzing and fumbling over words. Honestly, it would not feel normal NOT to have these sensations and frustrations. THAT would be stressful!!!