Franz Jüttner (1865–1925): Illustration from S...

Franz Jüttner (1865–1925): Illustration from Sneewittchen, Scholz’ Künstler-Bilderbücher, Mainz 1905 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Snow White. My sweet, spirited, beautiful friend. With dark hair and fair skin. Who lays paralyzed in a rehabiliation facility.  Her body unable to move. This fairy tale starts with the evil queen tick, who dispatches her huntsmen–Borrelia, Bartonella and Babesia–to bring down Snow White. And now she lays  unable to move, paralzyed by their evil doing, her body in a slumber.

The Huntmen may think they have your body in their hands, Snow White. But we know otherwise. This is your time to reverse this curse, this poison. To secretly allow the slumber to  replenish your body as you load up on nourishment. The sleep and rest will bring your immune system renewal. And the physical therapies will restore your strength.

Your dwarves surround you, Snow White. There’s Itchy. And Twitchy. Buzzy (that’s me!), Dizzy and Chesty. And don’t forget Tubey and Newbie. Your lyme dwarf friends, Snow White. For our spirits combined are still dwarfed by yours. We surround you. Support you. Relate to you. Understand you. Believe in you. And are here to hold your hand. And to be here until you find that prince.

There will be a prince, that will ultimately kiss your slumbering body awake. What will it be? The kiss of a new medication? The love of your seven dwarves? The tireless caring touch of your family? A special prayer? Time? A potion with all of that combined?  Something magical is going to happen. And your body will awaken stronger than ever. The poison was inevitable, that’s the way the fairy tale goes, after all. We knew you would be faced with such trial and terror. The time has come where you must face the poison. But every day, every sleepy slumbering day, the poison wears off. Because no matter how toxic, your spirit thrives as an antidote.

When the time is right, your  slumbering body will awaken, amidst a forest and sunshine, amongst the animals and song birds. In your castle. The magic mirror will say you are the fairest of them all. And your happily ever after, your road to ultimate recovery, will begin. Yes, it will. Because this is your year Snow White.