newavengers (4)Just a very quick shout out to some of the superheroes in my life. These ladies are the strongest and most enduring and persevering people I know. We came to know each other because we are treated by the same lyme doctor. And we have since bonded, laughed, cried and encouraged each other as a special little lyme support club.

A few weeks ago, when one of us, K, was going through an especially challenging week, and we all rallied around her…I couldn’t help but liken us to The NewAvengers. Fighting Borrelia. And fighting as a team. So I assigned each of them an Avenger personality, and then they assigned one to me. Here’s my little tribute to my superheroes:

B: B, you are as strong as iron through some of the toughest of tough times. In and out of the hospital. Dealing with the challenges of  TPN (total parental nutrition) tube feed and the challenge of not being able to eat. You are Iron Man!

P: You are the hot Scarlett Johansson chick in the movie–The Black Widow is it?– with the great hair and kick assitude. Yup. That’s you in a nutshell. Kicking Borrelia ass for so long and so hard, you are a most relentless fighter.

K: You are the Hulk. Because of your teeny tiny physique, it makes that funny. However we all know that you are as strong as the hulk on the inside! You amaze me, the way your tiny body can fight so hard. Although some of your bouts lately have been scary, I am not scared for you, because you are so damn strong.

L: I’d have to say Captain America for you. Because the antibiotic picc line felt like your shield from Borrelia  but you are realizing now without it you are still powerful! And brave. And a great soldier in this fight against Borrelia.

One of comics' most iconic covers: The Avenger...

One of comics’ most iconic covers: The Avengers #4 (March 1964). Art by Kirby & George Roussos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

D: Definitely, Thor. because you have been hammering and hitting away at Borrelia (think thor and his sledgehammer) for so long!! And with such strength.

Me:  P said I needed to be one too, and deemed me The Wasp. Who has the ability to shrink to a height of perhaps several centimeters, grow to giant size, fly by means of insectoid wings, and fire energy blasts. In her words, P said I could definitely fly with all my energy and that I am certainly full of energy blasts!

We are The Avengers, Dammit. We have all fought so hard this year, and fighting together has been a wonderful plus. Ladies, lets continue to avenge Borrelia together!!

Black Widow (Natalia Romanova)

Black Widow (Natalia Romanova) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)