Some helpful tips from Whisperers on getting through a bad herx reaction–thanks to all of you who contributed, and feel free to keep the tips for each other coming. Originally posted on the lyme whisperer facebook page, I decided to record your suggestions here for safekeeping! Happy, uh, I mean, healthy herxing!

From Becky: I use detox tea to help with detoxing. Its by Yogi. For pain I take Tramadol because it anti-inflammatory and not a narcotic. It is a prescription. Also Gabapentin helps a lot with nerve pain. Epsom salt or just warm baths, heating pads, sitting in the sun, sweating(if you don’t have a PICC or Port) are also many of the things I have used to help with pain and detoxing. Soy frozen yogurt is a comfort food and DARK chocolate is helpful for sugar cravings and yeast control

From Gina:  I would take plain stoneyfield farm yogurt for my tummy. Or green tea for my dizzy spells. I also heard cat’s claw works well, it acts as a natural antibiotic… But I never took it before.

From Emily: Have your LLMD look into glutathione. It was helped me more than i can describe, the first time i used it herxed, but the next day felt better than i have my entire life. Detoxing is essential to feeling better, also check out coffee enemas (gerson therapy), detox teas, epsom salt bathes,dmsa, fresh organic lemon juice in water. Myers cocktails are great too. I get my glutathione from infuserve compounding pharm in Florida. The folks there are amazing and care about you getting better.  It can be taken orally, suppository, Iv (I think there’s is a nasal spray too?). Oral i have been told is least effective due to the molecules size. Glutathione is a naturally occurring amino acid which is made by the liver; those who are immunocompromised do not detox naturally, and dont create it. Around 15$ for a single dose of iv, can come with b12 too.. Everyone I know who has tried it loved it.. Once a week is best, but even once a month will help!! Also a multi-strain 60 billion cfu probiotic is essential (refrigerated), b12, fish oil from a company such as Nordic naturals, who monitor mercury content and other pollutants.  Good luck!!

From Cate: I heard Essiac Tea.

From Kathleen: infra red sauna   (expensive though)  activated charcoal.

From Deb: Prima Una Da Gato worked the best for me.  Its expensive but works.  Any other form of cats claw doesn’t work.

From Dedee: For herx I love Epsom salt/baking soda baths. If it’s really bad, I take a Gabapentin. Best thing ever!!! Puts me right to sleep and I wake up feeling pretty good.

From Tania: New follower 🙂smile … Epsom Salts for me too. Also, Sasparilla was crucial for me, helped curb the herx of my herbal protocol. Any sauna is better than none, infrared and ozone are both great, but going to a standard one at the gym if you have the energy also helps. Drinking TONS of water. And glutathione for sure.

From Pamela: glutathione is great and don’t forget WELCHOL (a cholesterol-binding prescription that binds the lyme neurotoxins out of your body) and my every day favorite (NOT!)…coffee enemas! For reduced glutathione and a very yummy treat, pick up some NanoPro by BioPharma. our mutual doc had me start taking this back in 2008 for other reasons and i still to this day take one scoop in a smoothie, or with a  little bit of milk, making it like a pudding, it has them most delicious vanilla flavor, you’ll never know it’s a “medical food” and it has A TON of protein too. yum.

From Sarah: I have hd some put you down on the ground herxing. I started teasel, samento, ETS essence, astragalus, more water tham I shower with. I was doing great for the first 5 days. Now I am experiencing fatigue, could hardly keep awake at work, waking with bad oh bad cramps in legs at night. I wake every 2 hours to look at the clock???I am getting pain through out body. I do not take any pain meds, as I am allergic to nsaids and tylenol not good for liver in this situation. plenty of good fiber foods and raw veggies and organic fruit. I get soaked with sweat and skin very dry. But hey I am alive and can for the most part put sentences together…well sometimes.

From Julie: taking magnesium daily to relieve muscle cramps and spasms??? I take 1,200-1,500mg daily…it works!!

Way to rally and support each other, Whisperers! Lyme Whisperer says whatever works for a herx–glutathione, dark chocolate, pain relievers, dark chocolate, tea, dark chocolate, baths, dark chocolate, smoothies, dark chocolate, sunshine, dark chocolate–is what you should do!