Short and simple tonite. Sometimes, the little things need celebrating. Tonite, just happy about my little boy whisperers progress. Even if we are only about 3 weeks into his treatment. Disappointed, Borrelia? Fabulous, glad to hear it. To think you would try to compromise the sweetness and happiness of my kid. Only to find him rising above you. Atta boy.

Remember our appointment last week with the lyme doctor, Borrelia? During my appointment, she asked me how he was doing. I told her, as you recall, Borrelia–that I really only noticed one change after he started on the antibiotics. And that perhaps it was the kind of change only a mother might be attuned to. Or, admittedly as I told her, maybe it was just coincidence. She asked me to explain. I said…I feel like…he’s come alive. Like something has lifted. Like my mellow, quiet child has become an excitable, more boisterous version of himself. With an energy that well…I have never seen before.

Today, a friend told me his teacher made a similar comment about him at school. That lately, he seemed energetic. Talkative. Animated. It’s a nice feeling, Borrelia, that these comments from his teacher seemed to validate my observations. More reason to celebrate, and allow myself to think that just maybe…just maybe he actually does feel better. Maybe all this time, he’s never realized how unwell he has felt. Because it was normal for him. Until now.

Allow me to illustrate with some examples, Borrelia:

Before Antibiotics: How was school today? Good.

After Antibiotics: How was school today? Oh my god–like NECAPS rock! (Sidebar: NECAPS are the New England standard testing in schools!)

Before Antibiotics: How was hockey? Good. Oh. And I don’t want to go to practice Friday.

After Antibiotics: How was hockey? Um, AWESOME! Can you sign me up for goalie practice Tuesday night?

Before Antibiotics: How’d you sleep? Bad. I woke up at 2 o’clock again.

After Antibiotics: How’d you sleep?  Good, Mummy!….does this mean I can stay up later??

And a trooper he’s been. Antibiotics. Probiotics. Vitamins. Herbs and Mushrooms. Taking them all, no complaints. Embracing all of it and doing great. So, coincidence or not, I’m just going to allow myself to feel positive and confident that he is winning his battle, Borrelia. And for that, I’d like to dedicate this song to him.

I understand he’s only 8, Borrelia. But he LOVES this song. Awake and Alive, by Skillet. And how appropriate. How appropriate that right now, I simply feel that he is awake and alive and just want to savor the moment. So, here’s to boy whisperer: