This week, I posted several “Notes to Self” on my lyme whisperer facebook page. Which prompted me to keep that theme going…

1. Note to Self: Do NOT take your azithro and minocycline then skip breakfast, no matter how late you are running for work. Don’t…do it. Stomach just can’t take it.

2. Note to Self: Not only should you not skip breakfast when taking your azithro and mino, but eat within 5 minutes of taking. Not 10. Five. Furthermore, probably should not consume your grande bold from starbucks too soon after the antibiotics hit the stomach…..haaaa!!! Who am I kidding?? It’s bold or bust, baby.

3. Note to Self: When your antibiotics have a tendency to upset your stomach, overeating creates the same discomfort as undereating. As in you will feel like hurling. Get it right. Just right.

4. Note to Self: Come on, pregnancy and morning sickness prepared you for feeling this way on your antibiotics. You, know. Like having the freakin’ stomach bug for months. And doing everything you need to do despite it!

5. Note to Self: If you want the laundry clean, you might need to actually start the washing machine before heading back up those basement steps. However, understandably, you will check about 5 times over the next 40 minutes to see if you did indeed start it. Cuz you can’t remember. And don’t trust that you did.

6. Note to Self: Your children probably have homework tonite. Stop staring at the dining room wall.

7. Note to Self: Do not use your children’s homework notebooks to brainstorm blog ideas. A) That ruins their homework. B) The teacher might steal your ideas C) The teacher might suggest you get help.

8. Note to Self: For the love of god, please try to get to bed before 11 pm. Its been a long workday and those 5 am wii dance workouts come early.

9. Note to Self: Matter of fact, you need to change up the morning workout routine. The back pain is really cramping your dancing style. Spend more time on the elliptical. And don’t even think about ordering P90X. Or wait a second, maybe that’s what you need to strive for.

9. Note to Self: Disregard number 8. Staying up for John Stewart and Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central is totally worth it.

Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

10. Note to Self: Be patient with the weird dyslexic tendencies lately.

11. Note to Self: Do yourself a favor. Check your iphone calendar for scheduled events and meetings. What is the point of being neurotic about entering things in if you just ignore the alerts or forget to check what the agenda for the day or weekend is.

12. Note to Self: Start packing for your Vegas work trip now, 26 days early. It will take you that long to get all your sh&t together.

13. Note to Self: And this time, when your vertigo is acting up, instead of trying to “keep up” at the Venetian’s Tao night club, take that as a sign to leave. Do not have concerned coworkers have to escort you back to your room.

14. Note to Self: Don’t start something if you can’t…

15. Note to Self: Boycott the holidays. You just don’t have the energy, patience, or need for more lists, reminders or errands.

16.  Note to Self: Try to focus on one thing at a time. Finding yourself in the middle of a dozen half-complete tasks is really annoying. And I’m pretty sure the kids don’t appreciate half a lunch. Or only having half of a pair of sneakers packed for gym…

17. Note to Self: There are skinny jeans, and then there are “antibiotic skinny” jeans. Don’t get attached to your “antibiotic skinny” jeans. You will be taking your meds for all the wrong reasons.

18. Note to Self: The 1 lb dark chocolate bar from Trader Joe’s should be on the grocery list every week. No exceptions. Stop second guessing yourself. Of course you need it.

19. Note to Self: Order the darn teasel root already. You promised you were going to buy it weeks ago.

English: The Venetian hotel/casino outside vie...

English: The Venetian hotel/casino outside viewed from the right of the balcony. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

20. Note to Self: Dont’t be nervous about your doctor’s appointment on Thursday. You are doing fine. You have support. Chin up, be strong, have a good talk and make some good decisions on next steps. You can do this.

21. Note to Self: Consider donating body to science. That’ll show ’em. Proof of what Borrelia does to a body.

22. Note to Self: Don’t donate body to science. That’ll show ’em. Proof of what Borrelia does to a body. You’ll end up in area 51.

23. Note to Self. Do not write notes for your quarterly earnings call with corporate on your hand. Revenue, Gross margin and EBITDA are mostly confidential. Well, not mostly…they are.

23. Note to Self: Write “Ode to Whisperers 200 FaceBook Likes Tribute Poem”. Sometime before 300 likes.