Dear Borrelia,

I’m sorry. What part of “My kids are off limits” did you not understand? Just now, after lying with my son in his bed, I thought if only I could rid him of you by osmosis. If only your spiral shaped serpent self would just leave him, and burden me. Of course I can take more of you if it would mean he take less. If only. And when I left his room, thinking of him alone in the dark, it tears me apart that you are in there. Doing your thing. You heartless grinch.

Not that he isn’t holding his ass-kicking own against you. What a tough kid, behind those big green eyes and long eye lashes. Not really making much of the pins and needles, headaches,  twitching, sleep disturbances and belly aches. Just keeping on keeping on. And playing ball and scoring hockey goals all the while. YEP. Indeed as the naturopath said today, he is fortunate to have my constitution. My DNA. My genes. The ones that say I somehow will find a can of whoop-bum despite it all. I will still smile and be me. I will be a champ and take medicines and supplements. I will eat healthy, exercise and honor my body. I will laugh and make others laugh. I will feel sick…and push through. Yes, all those genes. God give me strength to keep this attitude about myself, so I can help him do the same. Maybe this is why we met to begin with, Borrelia. Maybe God’s plan was for me to be his experienced teacher and tour guide through this all along.

Let’s think in 8 year old terms for a minute, Borrelia. There’s a game. Not one I’m proud to admit he has. Rated for 10 year olds, and yes he is 8. Not sure how he managed to sneak that download onto my ipad. But hey, seems like it is serving a purpose. Because today, Borrelia, I used it in a very important analogy for him. In the game, Blood and Glory (Legend), you must fight an evil foe. With a sword. But that is not all. You earn points, or money. With that money, you can buy potions. The potions give you an edge. You can mix and match your potions. You never know which potion will best help you defeat the ultimate enemy. You must keep trying….Enter today, Borrelia. We talked about antibiotics.  And how we need to combine different ones to act like a potion. And that we might need to try different potions. To get the ultimate enemy. You. He liked that analogy.

My diagram for him (with the help of his sisters drawing) of how “potions” of antibiotics, probiotics, homeopathics and healthy foods will help kill Borrelia.

And we talked about probiotics. And vegetables and fruit and eating healthy, which luckily he does anyway. And homeopathics. And how all this is part of the potion. He gets it, Borrelia. Unfortunately for him, he has to play this game. Unfortunately for you, game on. I pray to god for all the strength and courage we need and for it to persevere if times get tough.

He’s a clever kid, Borrelia. He loves Greek mythology. There are great stories and lessons and creatures and gods and heroes. Today, we read from his greek mythology book and from a little pocket of the inside cover, pulled out a Zeus tattoo that he put on his forearm. Zeus, the most powerful god, the god with a shield and thunderbolt, defeated the Titans. He is Zeus and you are the Titan in this analogy, Borrelia. Symbolic enough for me. And his sister? She chose Pegasus, the beautiful horse with silver wings. Because despite all the fighting and bickering, she hates to see her brother hurt or in trouble, and will fly by his side, I know she will.

So will I. With love, nurturing, understanding, positive attitude, encouragement, tenacity…and maybe at times, tears and frustration. But the end justifies the means. And soon, maybe you can be a myth for me and my family, a heroic story of our past. God willing.


lyme whisperer

His favorite mythology book