Borrelia, you and I hadn’t even met yet when I met Margie Levine for the first time in early 2001. She was running a local chapter of The Institute of Noetic Sciences, a  nonprofit research, education, and membership organization founded by astronaut Edgar Mitchell.  “Noetic” comes from the Greek word nous, meaning “intuitive mind” or “inner knowing.” Their mission is to support individuals and groups in awareness of consciousness, spirituality and science to help in the realization of our innate human potential.

Edgar Mitchell, co-founder of the institute

Edgar Mitchell, co-founder of the institute (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I used to love these meetings. So many stories, mostly from women who had been through serious life and health challenges, coming together to learn and harness the skills of tapping into their inner selves for healing. Part of this healing, as led by Margie, was visualization. Margie was no stranger to health challenges. She wrote the book Surviving Cancer, and was the longest survivor in the world of mesothelioma. Doctors gave her 6 months to live. She lived 12 years beyond her diagnosis, Borrelia. In addition to convincing Brigham & Women’s Hospital to adopt a new chemotherapy treatment protocol she had discovered while at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, Margie lived a life of healthy eating, exercise, appreciation for nature, healthy relationships, meditation and maybe most powerful–visualization. Through which she seemed to initimidate her cancer cells by visualizing the cancer cells in her body being destroyed or the healthy cells in her body taking over. I remember she told me sometimes she visualized her immune cells with jack hammers pounding away at the diseased cells in her lungs. Visualization was a powerful tool in Margie’s fight, as described in this clip from Chronicle:

September 11, 2001 was the last day I saw margie. It was a most beautiful day, and we were having a chapter meeting at Margie’s house.  That day, the September 11 terrorist attack,  turned into one of the darkest days any of us have ever experienced. After that day, for whatever reason, I never attended another gathering with the Noetic group. I never saw Margie again and learned of her death on the news.

But I’ve been thinking alot about Margie lately, Borrelia. Maybe subconsciously I tapped into what Margie and the Noetic experience taught me. Maybe the reason I came up with lyme whisperer was that my “intuitive mind” or “inner knowing” told me I needed to have this inner dialogue with you to harness the healing power within myself. Or as Margie taught me, to visualize my body defending itself from the inside. Or to visualize breathing in healing light, exhaling black smoke of sickness. Visualization is a creative process, I can visualize anything I want Borrelia, as long as it empowers and relaxes me. And in doing so, I can overpower and intimidate you. And I do visualize (and verbalize!) intimidating you and defeating you, Borrelia…Every day that I blog, I visualize a conversation with you. These conversations free my  mind and body–of the anger, fear, anxiety, frustration– so that the healing can begin. Without those negative energies, my immune cells are empowered to seek and destroy you, Borrelia, I know they are. I visualize those empowered immune cells as heat guided missles. And guess what…you are the heat source, the smoldering little fires all over my body that they seek to extinguish.

I wanted to tell you about this very special friend of mine, Borrelia. And to let you know that when I felt like a train track was vibrating under my feet today because of the way my legs and muscles were vibrating and twitching, I pictured taking a sledgehammer to the tracks and derailing the train. Then I pictured your evil little face under the conductor hat flying over the cliff as a result. It was a satisfying visual and empowering.

Thank you, Margie. God bless your sweet soul and everything you taught me. Life has a way of bringing together people and experiences for a reason and now I know why I was meant to cross your path. Your spirit lives on, and I can visualize your smiling face.

Cover of "Surviving Cancer"

Cover of Surviving Cancer, by Margie Levine