Now THIS is interesting, Borrelia….my little 4-week experiment. As you know, B, most with lyme disease do need to adopt a gluten, dairy, and sugar free diet. Gluten and dairy contain proteins that can be inflammatory. Where lyme disease is already a highly inflammatory condition, diets containing gluten and dairy can make symptoms even worse. I guess I’m just beginning to realize that dairy can be such a big part of the problem regarding perpetuating symptoms. And you Borrelia, you are a spiral shaped sugar junkie, so starving you of sugar is….gratifying. Even if it means I don’t cheat with a pan of gluten free brownies while watching Mad Men as much as I used to. I’ve been gluten free for almost 4 yrs and that was because of an allergy identified even before lyme. Never been a real sugar or sweets person anyway so that’s not really an issue in terms of avoiding or cutting down. But never in my wildest stonyfield farms dream did I ever think I would, could or even should go dairy free….

My favorite, Almond Breeze almond & coconut milk

…Yet for 4 weeks, I did it, Borrelia Brie Burgdorferi! Me, I actually cut out my breakfast of granola and skim milk, my chobani mid morning snack, my cracker barrel cheddar cheese for lunch…and afternoon snack…and bedtime snack,  feta on my salads and munster in my sandwhiches…I practically lived on dairy but I DID IT.  I left it all behind…And in it’s place used almond milk, coconut, milk or a combination of the two. And so grateful for discovering how much I enjoyed especially the coconut milk and coconut milk yogurts….and my symptoms, Borrelia! The nerves in my hands and feet, ever short-circuiting…and buzzing…and tingling…and w/pins and needles…they grew….quiet. That’s right. Quiet. As quiet as they have been since you began sucking away at my nerves like a gogurt. Just maybe, maybe by taking away that source of inflammation, my nerves were finally able to start to heal. Or maybe it’s because  coconut milk contain omega 3,6, and 9  essential fatty acids, nerve nourishing fats. Whether it was the elimination of the dairy or the addition of the essential fats or both, I’m not sure, Borrelia, but I was feeling like the NonDairy Queen!…

Until I cheated. Purposely. To see what would happen. And so here I sit, with pins and needles in my feet and a couple strong electrical jolts to the heel after bringing a little dairy back into my diet over the last several days. And the sensation of ants crawling under my skin. But I know what I need to do, Borrelia. Stick to limiting my dairy intake as much as possible. I’m not sure I can commit to giving up all those great gorgonzola & beet or mozzarella & heirloom tomato or cranberry & walnut & blue cheese salads that I so love and enjoy. I just might be willing to tolerate the occasional pins and needles. But I can certainly cut out the majority of dairy, including the above, a majority of the time. THAT I can do. Sorry, Borrelia. No milk and gluten free cookies for you tonite! Or the next night. Or the night after that….!!

It’s another step forward to a FULL recovery, Borrelia. Another step.