Wood Path

Wood Path (Photo credit: cdbdi media)

Well, well, well Borrelia!! I made a commitment a month ago. To get back to running. I had stopped, as you may recall, when I was at my sickest 3 yrs ago, as you started taking over. It was too painful to run, and I was too weak. Not that I’ve ever stopped moving because of you, not at all. I just modified my exercise routine to include mostly walking, power walking of course. And wii dance. And the elliptical. A month ago I decided I was feeling good and up for the challenge of getting back to running. And I have been and TODAY marks my first 5K for my son and I!

2nd Annual RushForResearch.org event for triple-negative breast cancer, in honor of Rosanne Sullivan

When I woke up this morning, in usual fashion, with you the doberman pincher grasping at my spinal cord in the small of my back like a rawhide bone, I said screw you. Mornings for me, like many lymie’s, are the worst. The pain settles overnite and in the morning it’s helloooooo Borrelia. And I was worried how my bladder would hold up, you know, the one you’ve transformed into a cheesecloth. Sometimes I wish I could weara  scarlett letter in this case “L”on my chest to signifiy lyme disease so I wouldn’t have to explain things away all the time. Like why I need to be close to a bathroom. Always.  Oh, well, they’ll be plenty of bushes and trees to hide behind on our 5K through the woods this morning. The excitement of sticking it to you by running a 5K brought me to my feet fast this morning. And the fact that my son wanted to run it with me made it that much more exciting for me. While getting myself back out there was part of my motivation for running the 5K, Borrelia, there was more to it than that.

Today, Borrelia, today we ran for Rosanne. Rosanne’s Rush for Research is a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in the name of Rosanne Sullivan, who passed away on October 22, 2010 from triple negative breast cancer. Triple Negative breast cancer, Borrelia. Even you are a walk in the park when it comes to what other people have to battle when it comes to illness. And I am not oblivious to that. So today my son and I wanted to support someone else and their fight. We wanted to raise money for Dana Farber cancer hospital on behalf of Rosanne so that research for triple negative breast cancer can advance. And maybe someday someone won’t lose their mom to it.

What a great day for a 5K, Borrelia! My son and I ran and walked our way through 3 hot miles through woodsy terrain, and his sister joined us for the victory lap around the highschool track where we ended. At one point he said wow, this is harder than I thought it would be. I said “Life is going to be harder than you think it will be too.  Just like Rosanne’s was harder than she thought it would be.” And what a great feeling when we crossed that finish line!! For ourselves and for Rosanne and all the women and families affected by breast cancer.