Manilow live in 2008 at the Xcel Energy Center

Manilow live in 2008 at the Xcel Energy Center (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Borrelia! The names Barry and Bradshaw mean anything to you? Well last night to me, they meant lots of laughs, mostly at your expense! Sitting at the cabana poolside in Boston’s sweltering humid 100 degree heat, I enjoyed a nice evening socializing with my  co-workers at a company gathering.  And as we sat joking and laughing while sweat poured and pooled down our bodies (mostly about the sweat pouring and pooling down our bodies), I thought, wow, I’m “coping” in the the “cabana”. “Copa cobana”. Really, what better medicine or distraction is there than  letting things go for a bit and getting your mind off your worries? Especially while eating sliders and tuna tartar in the midst of great company? And that’s where Barry came in Borrelia. My thoughts went to Barry Manilow and Copacabana as I was coping in the cabana! And forgetting about you.

Then a colleague happened to say she was a fan of the lyme whisperer and some of my other coworkers joined in on the conversation, intrigued, supportive and happy to hear about it. And that’s where Bradshaw came in. Because after a cosmo or two on ice, I was professing to be the Carrie Bradshaw of lyme disease (think Sex and the City, Borrelia). Oh, Borrelia, all for laughs. It felt great to laugh and not be worrying about how tired I was from the day or how tired I would be the next morning after a social event. Thank goodness for my coworkers, for keeping Borrelia at bay last nite, at least mentally!