That’s right Borrelia! I woke up today with a mission. Revise and renew my battle plan. After all that I’ve been reading lately, I’ve decided I’ve given my body enough of a “break” from antibiotics and herbal tinctures, and I need to get back on track with a formidable defense strategy. I CAN keep my defenses up against you and I must! But that’s just the beginning, B. I’ve also decided to arm my family with some natural tick repllent spray AND to protect all of us with organic lawn insecticide. Are you hearing me? I’m ready to fight on several fronts, here. Yeah…these are fightin’ words.  T-I-C-K TOCK, Borrelia. Tick. Tock.

Though I set out this morning hell bent on finding diatomaceous earth, or D.E. as its also known, I had no luck finding it at home depot, the only place I had time to search. D.E. is described as “naturally occurring, soft, sedimentary rock with a silica-like composition”. Would you like to know how it works, Borrelia? I’m going to tell you anyway. It basically causes ticks, which you use as your vehicle (more like war tank) for transmission,  to die a slow painful dehydrated death. God, I love the sound of that. I had seen this referred by another lymie blogger, lyme-disease-cure-please (thank you, fellow lymie!). Instead, however, as also mentioned by lyme-disease-cure-please, I did find a natural, organic EcoSmart product and am very excited about it, Borrelia. And I chose it over Ortho’s Bug B Gone. The EcoSmart Insect Killer Granules will be spread over my entire lawn, so it’s reassuring that it contains only eugenol, thyme oil, peanut shells and wintergreen oil. And get this–this one works as an octopamine blocker! Yeah, baby! That’s right. The essential oils in EcoSmart block the octopamine neurotransmitter in ticks. Octopamine regulates the heart rate, movements and metabolism of ticks. That means, according to the EcoSmart website, that blocking octopamine “results in a total breakdown of the insect’s central nervous system”…GEEZ, Borrelia, sounds EXACTLY like what you do to me! Anyhoo, loving my new purchase!

I also picked up some body spray insect repellant at the local natural pharmacy, again, more protection for the entire fam, Borrelia. I’m not crazy about smelling so strong and citronella-y, but I just prefer it to applying DEET all the time, especially when it comes to the kids. Like EcoSmart lawn insecticide, Burt’s Bees body spray herbal insect repellant also contains natural  essential oils, including rosemary oil, peppermint oil, cedar leaf oil, clove oil, and citronella.Lawn, check! Skin, check!

Now that I’ve addressed external defenses against ticks, Borrelia, let’s get to the internal defenses against you! Though I have tried and been pleased with Samento, as recommended by my naturopath, I think it’s time I try the Samento & Banderol double whammy. In a 2010 study conducted by the Lyme Disease Research Group of the University of New Haven, CT, Samento and Banderol were shown to be effective in providing immune support against you, Borrelia. In both your spirochete AND biofilm forms–that’s quite amazing. You can see an article regarding this study on the Townsend Letter website. Samento is a liquid cat’s claw herbal extract while Banderol is a liquid extract of the bark of the South American Otaba tree. Used together, they are more effective than either alone it seems. I already have the Samento, Borrelia, and just ordered the Banderol online today. Will chat with my naturopath first before taking the combo, but couldn’t wait to get it in my (our) hands! (Someday maybe they’ll be just MY hands again!). Oh, but there’s more, my “friend”! I am also taking out my Byron White A-L Complex again and Maitake Gold 404 liquid formulas, which I still have from my last naturopath visit! For the maximum immune boost. It’s boost or bust, baby!! Good night, Borrelia. Sleep tight. Though not sure you can sleep after our little chat this evening…