“You’re the best mommy in the world…but you are very forgetful!”….is what my 5 year old daughter told me this morning, Borrelia. My lyme-mentia is apparent even, maybe especially, to her. Which got me to thinking…about all the ways you make me a mind freak, Borrelia:

  • Like how EVERY  morning, after standing in the shower for a few minutes, I realize I have no idea if I’ve already shampood my hair or not. EVERY morning.
  • Like when I was searching frantically for my cell phone while TALKING to my friend Katrina on it.
  • And how about boiling the lettuce instead of the pasta?
  • I should approach starbucks with my new idea, Borrelia. Lyme Latte. There has got to be other lymies out there trying to caffeinate themselves out of brain fog and confusion as much as I am.
  • How about those barbecue and peanut butter sandwiches? Instead of jelly….
  • The constant s-s-s-s-stuttering and stam stam stammering
  • And why can’t I ever spell Borelia the same way twice?
  • What about the popsicles I put in my son’s lunch box three days in a row. Until the teacher wrote a note home saying dear parent….popsicles melt when not placed in the freezer.
  • And my prescriptions! I’ve paid for some of them twice! Because somehow I lose them between the pharmancy, the car, and home?! And insurance doesn’t cover them the second time around! Surely the pharmacist thinks I’m up to something, like selling…
  • Everyday I am in password purgatory because of you Borrelia! I mean how the HELL am I supposed to remember all my fb, linked in, outlook, comcast, banking etc etc passwords!
  • The light switches in my house. Why do they suddenly confuse me so? Is this the backyard switch or the garage? Kitchen or front porch? Because of YOU and this damn lyme-mentia!
  • How about all the voice memos I need to leave myself every day on my iphone, Borrelia? Does that amuse you? I even need to leave voice memos to remind me to check my voice memos?…and sometimes by the time I press record I have no idea what I was even going to say.
  • Writing on my arm, that’s a good one. I gave up on stickies. Was writing things down only to lose the darn sticky. So that’s when I became known around the office for writing on my hands AND arms all the notes I needed to get me through the day…or next 5 minutes.
  • You’d think I could take my vitamins religiously. With all the bottles lined up on my desk staring me in the face. But no…of course not.
  • This might be my son’s favorite, Borrelia. I need to ask him every morning if I have matching earrings on. Because I embarrased him one day by wearing two different ones.

In fact, Borrelia, I’m looking forward to his summer vacation. School can be torture for working lymie mom’s–bring money, bring candy, sign this permission form, sign up for this field trip, get tickets for raffles, send in the book order, come to the book fair, bring cupcakes, bring hat for hat day, bring bike for bike day, pajama day on thursday, field day friday, bring in overdue library book, bring in box tops, family fun day next week, movie night next month etc. These details, these details, Borrelia I can’t take it. My brain can’t take it! I can’t take you!

This is day four of my blog, Borrelia. I thought it would feel therapeutic. But I have been reading more about lyme disease and treatments and prognosis and wonderful blogs from fellow lymies–more reading and researching in one week then I have in three years…and now its on my mind more than ever. And well, I have kind of felt like crap all week. Tired. Weepy. Out of it. Down. Maybe it was best when I just ignored you…I don’t know….